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Ascent Counseling, Darlene Egelhoff, MA, LPCC, LAC

Home 503 6th Street, Suite B, Crested Butte 320 N. Main Street, Gunnison United StatesHome Phone: 970-209-9086Website:
Categories: Mental Health

Carla Fanciullo – DreamBuilder Coach

Home 1192 Seneca Drive Gunnison Colorado 81230 United StatesHome Phone: 970-596-4781Website:
Categories: Exercise and Recreation, Mental Health, Occupational Therapy & Rehabilitation, Spiritual, Yoga and Meditation

Child and Family Guidance and Support Center – Kristin Coughlin

Work Opera House, 114 N. Boulevard Suite 203 Gunnison CO 81230 United StatesWork Phone: 720-381-2543Website:
Categories: Breastfeeding Friendly, Mental Health

Christine Osmundson – Child, Adolescent and Family Psychotherapist, Medicaid Accepted

Home The Saltlick Building 405 3rd Street, Suite F Crested Butte CO 81224 United StatesHome Phone: 303-917-4207Website:
Categories: Mental Health

Cindy Smock

Work 524 N. Boulevard Street Gunnison CO 81230 Work Phone: 720-381-2543
Categories: Mental Health

Creekside Counseling – Debra Dykes, LPA, LAC, MA

Work 211 N. Iowa Street Gunnison CO 81230 Work Phone: 970-641-1286Website:
Categories: Mental Health

Crested Butte Counseling Service LLC – Jean Bell Dumas

Work 429 6th Street Crested Butte CO 81224 Work Phone: 970-641-1286
Categories: Mental Health

Dancing Lotus Therapeutic Journeys – Michelle Nelson

Work CO Work Phone: 970-349-5344Website:
Categories: Mental Health

East River Counseling, Inc. – Marcie Telander, MA, REAT, CGP

Work 320 North Main Street, Gunnison 160 Lower Allen Road, Crested Butte PO Box 1101, Crested Butte Colorado United StatesWork Phone: 970-349-6509Website:
Categories: Mental Health

Erin Buck Coaching

Home PO Box 295 Crested Butte CO 81224 United StatesWork Phone: 512-415-5182Website:
Categories: Mental Health

GO Orthopedics – Rhett Griggs, MD and Blake Clifton, MD

Work 104 W. Ruby Avenue, Gunnison 433 6th Street, Crested Butte Colorado United StatesWork Phone: 970-641-8899 – GunnisonHome Phone: 970.349-5103 – Crested ButteWebsite:
Categories: Mental Health, Orthopedic Surgery, Physical Health

Gunnison Valley Health – Lorie Fuller, MA, Behavioral Health Specialist

Work 707 N. Iowa Street Gunnison CO 81230 United StatesWork Phone: 970-648-7101Website:
Categories: Mental Health

Gunnison Valley Health Hospital and Emergency Room

Work 711 N. Taylor Street Gunnison Colorado 81230 United StatesWork Phone: 911 for emergencies, 970-641-1456 for non-emergenciesWebsite:
Categories: Assistance/Help, Breastfeeding Friendly, Emergency Services, Hospital/ER, Mental Health, Physical Health, Speaks Spanish

Holistic Psychotherapy – Monica Bilow

Work 1018 County Road 738 Crested Butte CO 81224 United StatesWork Phone: 970-901-6129Website:
Categories: Mental Health, Speaks Spanish

Jill Steele, CHt, Board Certified Hypotherapist, State Registered Psychotherapist

Home 302 W. Tomichi Avenue, Ste B Gunnison CO 81230 United StatesHome Phone: 970-688-1655Website:
Categories: Mental Health

Karin Bagn

Work PO Box 2230 Crested Butte CO 81230 Work Phone: Emergencies 911; non-emergency 970-641-1456Website:
Categories: Mental Health

Laurie Boscaro, MA, LPC – Counselor

Work 125 N. Main Street Suite A Gunnison CO 81230 United StatesWork Phone: 970-901-9192Website:
Categories: Breastfeeding Friendly, Mental Health

Mind Fitness, LLC

Home 300 Belleview Suite 3C Crested Butte Colorado 81224 United StatesHome 112 Spencer Ave Gunnison Colorado 81230 United StatesWork Phone: 970-658-3350Website:
Categories: Mental Health

Nancy Gex Jones M.A. Spiritual Psychology

Work Eagle River Ranch, Almont CO United StatesWork Phone: 970-596-2031Website:
Categories: Mental Health, Spiritual

Point B Coaching, Paul Duba

Work 421 N. Taylor Gunnison CO 81230 United StatesWork Phone: 970-641-3875Website:
Categories: Mental Health
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